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Isabella de Michelis di Slonghello

CEO and founder


Isabella founded ErnieApp in 2017, one year ahead of GDPR entering into force, with the conviction that only a user-consent-centric internet model could resolve the conundrum of how privacy, innovation, and competition in a digital connected society heading toward AI and IoT could coexist peacefully. In 2019 the first commercial software product of the company (PKM Base) was released on iOS and Android platforms. It’s an innovative privacy app for consumers and businesses to adopt as new “trust paradigm’. The App which is very user friendly and easy to use, leverages a powerful “algorithm” called ‘Privacy Knowledge Manager’ (‘PKM’) which empowers users to control their data permissions toward third parties in a very effective, dynamic and measurable way. The app allows users to audit and manage their privacy and sharing permissions on 3rd parties from a single dashboard (eg on social networks and any other digital service), making it very easy for a user to grant/deny or delete his data on social networks and other internet services as foreseen by GDPR art 6(a) but also to confirm his/her consent to sharing and transfer data, based on his informed choice. App is also giving to the user an education tool to grow his/her privacy awareness and digital skills, through a gamification experience. The company is HQ in Dublin and has been funded through venture financing.


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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021

Sep 14, 2021
Human-Centric Identity Management
From a Business Centric Consent Management Paradigm to a User Centric One