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Priti Padhy



Priti Padhy, is the co-founder and CEO at Cognino, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) first organisation. Cognino have innovated a unique explainable AI engine that adapts, learns and explains outcomes from a vast amount of data and creates knowledge. An entrepreneurial technologist at heart, Priti has been building products, incubating high-value complex and disruptive technology innovation with global engineering talents over the past 26 years. Priti has led one of the data and AI research group at Microsoft for more than a decade. Prior to that Priti was CTO at KPMG and has also worked with RBS, Fujitsu and Atomic energy of India as a scientist. Priti holds an Advance AI degree from MIT and a BE in Computer Science & Engineering from Utkal University.


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cybernetix.world 2020

Nov 25, 2020
Next Wave AI Transformation with Explainable AI