Alex Ciorapciu
Co-Founder & CEO, autoRetouch

Alex Ciorapciu

Alex is a generalist in the truest sense of the word and sports a 15 year track record in the technology industry. His career highlights include various positions at companies like Adobe, SAP, Richrelevance, and the high-end fashion retailer E. Breuninger.
His passions for photography, design, tech development, and business come full circle in autoRetouch, the first end-to-end, automated image processing platform. autoRetouch combines state-of-the-art Machine Learning and SaaS technology to revolutionise image processing. By automating the entire post-processing workflow it provides quantifiable value to its customers and frees up resources to allow for more creative expression and experimentation with product imagery.
Besides automated image processing, Alex is a family man through and through and interested in macroeconomics as well as astrophysics.

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