Pablo Endres
Managing Director, SevenShift GmbH

Pablo Endres

Pablo Endres is the founder and Managing Director of SevenShift GmbH, an IoT boutique security company. He is an experienced Security Consultant, Professional Hacker, Technological Solution Architect and published author. He is a computer engineer, and he holds a handful of security certifications ISC2 CISSP, CompTIA Security+, and ISECOM’s OPSA + OPST.

Pablo’s career has taken place mostly doing security in a variety of industries, like wireless
phone, VoIP solution and Cloud Service providers, Banks, contact centers and university labs.
Pablo has founded multiple companies in different continents and enjoys hacking, IoT, reverse engineering, teaching, working with new technologies, startups, collaborating with Open Source projects, learning new things, teaching, networking and being challenged.

In the last couple of years, he has been working mainly in IoT security, testing dozens of devices and working with multiple platform providers to secure their solutions. Additionally, here teaches a hand-ons training on IoT security.

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