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Martin Maier


Senacor Technologies AG

As platform design focused partner at Senacor, Martin Maier is one of the industry experts for the creation of business efficient banking solutions. Martin has successfully designed, planned and executed large scale business driven transformations in the German speaking financial services market. The solution scope reaches from re-design of business lines, post-merger integration, separation of institutions to the assessment of technology driven business models. Martin specializes in the amalgamation of product, process and IT design into one integrated platform, designed to precisely solve specific client needs. Achieving resilient but flexible business-IT solutions requires a firm understanding of the institution’s aims and restrictions, which oftentimes are not transparent at start, even if the institution assumes so. The analytical skills as well as specific domain knowledge required in solution design are what turns Martin into an esteemed partner for several large financial institutions.


Date Title

Digital Finance World 2019

Sep 19, 2019
Cloud as a Platform for Digital Transformation
The Quick Fix – Platform Based Solutions for the Finance Industry