Achim Lelle
Management Consultant & Coach, Achim Lelle Management Consulting

Achim Lelle

As a Management Consultant Achim works with clients on how to best apply latest BI and AI technologies throughout their corporate ecosystem.
With over 20 years of successfully integrating database technologies, ERP Systems (SAP / ORACLE) and BI/AI Applications, he has witnessed many international implementations across several industries.
A deep interest in how the mind works and how it influences human behavior, lead Achim to study NLP, become an Insights MDI professional, dealing with human behavior and decision strategies, and to also gain a degree as a psychological consultant, complementing his IT and MBA background.
It is the combination of Technology-, Business- and People-centric-Knowledge, that allows him to act as an advisor on all levels and in varying capacities.
Achim’s mission: „to enable people and organizations to see beyond what is currently possible, develop new perspectives and find new opportunities to drive performance, transformation and growth."

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