Peter Davis
Chief Privacy Officer, Enterprise Architect, Airside Mobile

Peter Davis

Peter has been tinkering in identity management since the 1990's. Starting with classical B2B applications (extranets, remember them?). Moving on to federated identity management (Liberty Alliance, SAML2, OAuth). There, he was fortunate to work with some great folks in  the Liberty Alliance Project on public policies issues, most notably early Article 29 committee work.

Most recently, at Neustar, Inc. as a Distinguished Engineer, he served as the chief identity architect and security architect. There, he drove some of the standards at DECE, a global video distribution system addressing diverse privacy regulatory requirements, along with some other cool stuff.

Now onwards and upwards to "me-first" consumer identity applications. At Airside, as the Chief Privacy Officer and Chief Architect, he leads a privacy by design engineering team, building useful things for travel and other verticals.

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