Karl Heinz Passler
Product Manager, InsurTech scout and Mentor, Baloise insurance

Karl Heinz Passler

Karl Heinz is ranked as Top 10 InsurTech Influencer by InsTech London, Top 25 Insurance and Insurtech Influencer by Lucep, and Leading Global Insurtech Influencer by Onalytica.

He has been chosen as a Co-Author for The InsurTECH Book to write about the future of the insurance industry and about InsurTech. The book is published worldwide by Wiley and has become an Amazon business bestseller.

Karl Heinz Passlerpublishes articles, presentations and video lectures on his innovative proposals and thought leadership on his platform karlheinzpassler.com and other industry leading publications.

Karl Heinz is also a Product Manager (Basler Versicherungen) and an InsurTech Startup Scout (Baloise Group) at incumbent insurance corporations.

He has more than 15 years of national and international experience in insurance sales, business, innovation, and technology management.

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