Pooja Narayan
Data Scientist, Airbus AI Research

Pooja Narayan

Pooja is an engineer in Electronics and Communication with a post graduate degree in Systems and Signal processing from the University Of Southampton, UK. After her masters she worked in the biomedical industry in the UK for about 4 years. She worked at Equivital in Cambridge, UK as a Biomedical Algorithm Developer using Machine Learning and data analytics to design and prototype algorithms for human energy expenditure and sleep status. She also worked at analyzing the data from clinical trials conducted by Janssen using Equivital’s body worn sensors. Then she moved on to work at Sensium Healthcare in Oxford, UK which is a spin-off company from the Biomedical Research lab at Imperial College London again working as a Research & Development Engineer designing algorithms using Machine Learning for predicting the breathing rate quality index.
In 2016 she started working for Airbus in India as a Research Engineer in their Group Innovations wing. Then she went on wearing several hats under the Corporate Technology Office (CTO) and the Digital Transformation Office (DTO), working with AI, mostly Machine Learning and Deep Learning in several fields such as Information retrieval, Natural language processing, Time series analysis and Machine Learning at scale. She is now a part of Airbus CTO in Germany as a Data Scientist. 
Her main research area is Machine Learning and Deep Learning and loves to apply the technologies on result-driven industry problems. She calls it Practical ML. Apart from being disinterested in politics, she is an avid traveler, loves literature and looks out for naturally occurring patterns in life, nature and history. 

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