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Allan Thomson


LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

As LookingGlass Chief Technology Officer, Allan Thomson has more than three decades of experience across network, security, and distributed systems technologies. Allan leads technical and architecture strategy across the LookingGlass solutions portfolio.

Allan is also co-chair of OASIS CTI Interoperability Sub-committee that is introducing STIXPreferred certification program for the new STIX/TAXII version 2 standards.

Prior to LookingGlass, Allan served as Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems, Inc., where he led the software architecture and design of the company’s Cyber Threat Defense System and Platform Exchange Grid. He was responsible for overall systems management and security telemetry collection/aggregation, as well as distributed threat analysis/intelligence services in multi-tenant public and private cloud deployments.

Before joining Cisco, Allan oversaw the technology growth initiatives of several start-up companies, including Airespace, where he was a Software Architect responsible for the design, development and network management/location tracking of the company’s wireless local area network (WLAN) system.


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CyberNext Summit 2019

Oct 09, 2019
Automation, Orchestration, and Actionable Threat Intelligence I
Automating Open-Source Zeek (Bro) for Threat Mitigation and Response
CACAO: Insights on Cybersecurity Orchestration Cooperative Collaboration
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