Mari Malvenishvili
Executive Director and Founder, Cyber Security Studies and Education Center (CYSEC)

Mari Malvenishvili

Mari Malvenishvili is an Executive Director and Founder of Cyber Security Studies and Education Center (CYSEC) with ten years of experience in the cyber security field.  In 2009-2012, as a Researcher of the Georgian Security Analyzes Center (GSAC), Mari contributed to the implementation of an active public awareness program in cyber security, first of its kind in Georgia.  In 2012, after moving to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mari was responsible for the development of cyber crime policy and later, since 2015, cyber security policy within the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.  Mari was leading Cyber Defence Initiative of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package, a set of measures aimed at strengthening Georgia’s defence capabilities and interoperability with NATO.  

Besides her work experience, Mari is participant of international security conferences and alumni of different educational institutions such as: George C. Marshal European Center for Security Studies, NATO School Oberammergau, Swedish Defence University (SEDU), Estonian Centre of Eastern Partnership, International Center for Geopolitical Studies, Estonian School of Diplomacy, etc.

Mari is holding Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Tbilisi State University and Master’s Degree from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), with the Master’s thesis on “Georgia’s Cyber Capabilities”.  Currently, she is a PhD candidate at GIPA pursuing her studies at Tallinn University of Technology.   

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