Jan-Joost Bouwman
Risk Manager, ING

Jan-Joost Bouwman

Jan-Joost stumbled into IT almost 20 years ago, starting on a temp job for 5 days that lasted 7 years. During these 20 years he has been mostly on the functional and process side of things, having worked as tester, designer, information analyst, project manager, application manager, change manager and process owner of the ITIL change management process at ING. More recently he switched to Risk Management in a role of SOx IT controls testing coordinator, with an emphasis on Identity and Access Management.
During the early years of DevOps adoption at ING he was also the self appointed DevOps evangelist and community leader at ING, facilitating his co-workers to make the transition to DevOps and Continuous Delivery and have fun with it at the same time!
In his spare time he enjoys travelling the world to watch birds, or cooking, but rarely at the same time.

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