Chris Calvert
Co-Founder & VP of Product Strategy, Respond Software

Chris Calvert

Chris has over 30 years’ experience in information security. He led the build for eight Fortune-50 SOCs and created the blueprint deployed by the ArcSight solutions team at over 45 security operations centers. He has served as HP’s WW Director of Solutions Innovation, CEO of Laconic Security, Director of Services for Cybertrust, and Manager of Security Intelligence and Operations for IBM’s MSS.

Before joining IBM, Chris spent 14 years in the National Defense and Intelligence community in the field of Information Operations. He supported such agencies as the DOD Joint Staff, Land Information Warfare Activity, Space Warfare Center and other intelligence agencies. Chris also served for 10 years in the U.S. Army in Military Intelligence and Special Forces.

Today, Chris is Co-Founder and VP of Product Strategy at Respond Software, inventors of the exclusive Self-Driving SOC.

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