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Vittorio Bertola

Head of Policy & Innovation


Vittorio Bertola is an engineer, policy expert, entrepreneur and activist from Italy, currently running the policy, research and innovation activities at Open-Xchange, the global leader in free software email and DNS platforms. He is one of the architects of the ID4me project, developing an open, public and federated single sign-on and identity management infrastructure for the Internet based on domain names. In the past he founded startups, campaigns, Usenet newsgroups and political parties, served on the Board of ICANN and on United Nations internet governance groups, wrote unnecessarily complex Perl scripts, and argued online on a lot of things with a lot of people.


Date Title

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018

May 16, 2018
(C)IAM Standardisation Trends
EIC 18 Elephant Round on Standards Trends & Developments