Elmar Eperiesi-Beck
CEO & Founder, eperi GmbH

Elmar Eperiesi-Beck

Elmar’s career in IT security started with the transformation of the credit card system of the 80s when his team notified banks that PIN number for cards could be extracted from the code on the magnetic strip due to lack of encryption. From there, he had a successful career at IBM managing global IT projects and changing the way companies do business today. He founded eperi in 2003 and used consultancy projects to realize his vision of a security framework based on the highest standards of open source encryption that was developed with the German Federal Office of Information Security.

After ten years, Elmar realised that they had built up a portfolio of solutions to secure databases, application and file storages. He had everything he needed to make the switch from a consultancy to a vendor of a full blown data encryption product now known as the eperi Gateway. Elmar’s vision then drove the emergence of the eperi CDP Solution as eperi aligned to the growth in leading SaaS platforms such as Office 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics.

Elmar whole heartedly believes in the power of open source. His business was recently awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year for the Open Source on Azure category.

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