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Michel Girier



I graduated from Supelec, with a major in network and systems security. I have been working as a consultant for Wavestone the French Wavestone consulting firm for 12 years, in security matters pertaining to identity management and cryptography. My main activities consist in providing technical expertise in both areas in the run of Identity and Access Management projects for Wavestone customers, on design or implementation phases. Working on these projects I have encountered multiple real-life identity management issues especially in the context of banking actors. I have contended with a few well-known solutions and standards and have been advising customers on solutions from legacy eSSO or Web SSO solutions to Identity federation using WS-Fed, SAML2 and OAuth2. More recently I have delved into the OAuth2 and OpenID standards and their companion RFCs to try and answer more of my customers requirements. In this context, I am currently working on an implementation of the STET specifications for the DSP2 API using OAuth2, in compliance with the DSP2 RTS.


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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018

May 16, 2018
Extending OAuth2 to meet PSD2 Identity Security Requirements