Jana Krimpe
Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities

Jana Krimpe

Jana Krimpe is an accomplished visionary in the field of eGovernment, Electronic Identity Standards & Trust models, offering valuable insights as a well-rounded pioneer in setting up legal electronic ID systems for nationwide economies, combined with a successful track record in running a national digital ID and e-signature ecosystem connected to more than 600 e-services.

With more than 15 years' experience in implementing innovative ICT solutions in both the public and private sector, she has earned a strong reputation for success in international circles. In 2016, the Financial Times and Google listed her among the top 100 changemakers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Together with the European Association for Identity & Security, she was one of the founders and co-chairs of GANMI (Global Alliance for National Mobile Identities). Working in Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Estonia, Iceland, Israel, Moldova, Norway, Oman, Switzerland and Turkey, GANMI aims to converge applicable standards in order to promote global interoperability of public and private digital services, extend supplier choice and reduce risk.

She is the founder of B.EST Solutions an Estonian ICT company whose digital ID/ e-signature technology has reached 52 countries and is the national mobile eID and e-signature operator in Azerbaijan. (www.asanimza.az)

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