Tor Even Dahl
Chief Technology Officer, MaXware

Tor Even Dahl

Tor Even Dahl is the Chief Technology Officer for MaXware. Mr. Dahl oversees research & development, product management, technology, infrastructure and the solution release management at MaXware. Dahl is one of MaXware's original employees.

As one of the top senior executives in software development and new technologies for identity management, Mr. Dahl brings more than 25 years of R&D, technology, engineering, and global solutions development experience to MaXware.

Prior to MaXware, Mr. Dahl was responsible for managing a variety of large scale mail systems projects – projects that included X.400 based and X.500 directory systems. He applied his messaging directory experience and knowledge in developing the first identity management solution called MaXware Data Synchronization Engine in 1995.

Today, Mr. Dahl has developed a full comprehensive MaXware Identity Management Solutions Suite to offer its customers. In addition, he worked as a developer for Norsk Data and later advanced as a project manager and technical leader. His experience at Norsk Data helped him gain international experience.

Mr. Dahl earned a masters degree from a Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim, Norway.