Gaetan van Diemen
Product Manager, FOX-IT

Gaetan van Diemen

Mr van Diemen has over 6 years of experience in cyber security for national and international organizations. He managed products and services delivering security solutions for customers spread over the globe. For the past years, Mr van Diemen has specialised in Cyber Threat Intelligence at Fox-IT. He manages the Fox-IT InTELL product roadmap and product marketing plan; bridgehead between the product, the business and the team.

Mr. van Diemen has worked as a security project manager for the n1 French Internet Service Provider, during which he was responsible for projects aiming to fill the security gap of classic antivirus solutions with advanced files analysis solutions. He also designed a threat-trend analysis solution to provide customers an overview of the evolution in the online attacks and help mitigating risk.

As a program officer for a Mauritian Cyber Security company, he was responsible for the business development and definition of the strategy for products and markets. For the past years his work has focused on the management of the Cyber Threat Intelligence solution specialized in threats targeting financial institutions and/or performing online fraud. The service he manages is delivered worldwide with customers spread over 5 continents. Activities include product roadmap drafting, engaging with sales, analysing the market and redefining the offer, product marketing and building strategic partnerships.

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