Steffen Siguda
Corporate InfoSec Officer, OSRAM Licht AG

Steffen Siguda

Mr. Siguda is globally responsible for Information Security in the OSRAM group since the spin-off of OSRAM from Siemens Group in July 2013.

In this role, he maintains governance and leads a global organization with InfoSec contact persons at all OSRAM locations, also oversees all technical security operations of the company (firewall, virus protection, application security).

OSRAM addresses Information Security threats not only in the technical area, so great emphasis is placed on training and awareness for years. In particular, with global awareness tests significant success has been achieved that pay off in the regular defense of partially highly complex social engineering attacks.

For optimal integration of Information Security into the application landscape of the company Mr. Siguda also works as a Data Protection Officer of OSRAM GmbH on one hand and as security and network operation responsible on the other hand.

Before the commitment in Information Security / Privacy, after studying computer science at the TU Munich Mr. Siguda was involved in several IT topics like building an enterprise-wide network or establishing a customer Extranet based on SAP CRM.

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