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Organizations are facing ever increasing challenges maintaining and modernizing legacy identity security solutions. The shift from on-premises legacy solutions to SaaS based identity security solutions can address these challenges and leverage the benefits of modern tools for identity security. This whitepaper reviews the issues, core benefits, and business value of upgrading to cloud-based identity security.

1 Executive Summary

Today’s modern enterprise must adapt to evolving consumer demands, employee expectations, and industry trends to stay ahead in the market. The adoption of cloud-based technology and services is a vital component of this transformation, enabling companies to scale infrastructure, migrate complex workloads, and effectively address global security concerns. To empower everyone from employees to contractors and non-human bot identities to do efficient work and be secure, a comprehensive identity security solution is required to discover, manage, and secure access for all identity types across the entire organization – anytime and anywhere.

Cloud-based identity security can provide access control and governance across a range of enterprise and business applications with great flexibility and agility, enabling organizations to quickly adapt to changing security requirements and business needs. As the scope of managing identities has moved well beyond the human capacity, competencies in machine learning and artificial intelligence will be needed for managing Identity Security. This will result in automating the discovery, management, and control of all user access throughout their digital life cycle.

This whitepaper will review SailPoint’s multi-tenant, AI-powered SaaS-based identity security solution – SailPoint Identity Security Cloud – that meets these requirements for scalability, flexibility, and business efficiency. To help organizations accelerate the transition to cloud, SailPoint provides a comprehensive upgrade assessment that walks existing on-premises customers through the key benefits and considerations when exploring an upgrade to SailPoint Identity Security Cloud.

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