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This KuppingerCole Whitepaper looks at issues IT managers and security strategists face trying to manage identity and access in complex multi-cloud IT infrastructures. It focuses on the challenges of managing non-human identities. There is also an overview of Microsoft Entra Workload Identities and the related Microsoft Entra Permissions Management.

1 Highlights

Unmanaged non-human identities number in the millions and present a serious risk to IT security

The number of cyber-attacks involving non-human attacks is increasing

Workload identities, a type of non-human identities (or identities for apps and services), are of particular interest to attackers as they can offer a short cut to network penetration

Multi-cloud access and agile working environments such as DevOps have increased the usage of non-human identities

Organizations need to reevaluate legacy IAM strategies designed for non-human Identities

Workload identities should not be set and forget but continually assessed and managed by software tools and policies

Microsoft is launching a new generation of identity and cloud management tools including Microsoft Entra Workload Identities and Permissions Management

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