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This KuppingerCole Whitepaper explores identity access across multi-organizations and parts of their supply chains, from a single point. By using such, organizations can streamline access and collaboration across their supply chains and third-party users, simplifying administration with delegated user controls and versatile user orchestration. Additionally, the Whitepaper examines key aspects such as user self-registration, delegated administration, access request and approval, access certification, and the application of different user experiences, processes, and policies based on business posture.

1 Highlights

  • Why organizations with a reliance on affiliates and partners need better IAM.
  • How to provide secure access for workforce, third parties and partners from a single point.
  • The importance of delegating administration at an organization and partner level.
  • Why Onboarding tools, user self-registration and invitation-based enrollment are important.
  • Why multi-organizations need different user experiences, workflows, processes, and policies to be applied based on organization rules and culture.
  • How strong security controls can be implemented without incurring cost for supply chain partners.
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