IAM for Healthcare: It’s time to act

Healthcare organizations deal with highly sensitive information. They face challenges in complying with ever-tightening regulations, combating ever-increasing cyber risks, and adapting to Digital Transformation. Comprehensive healthcare IAM, beyond pure SSO, helps Healthcare organizations to better cope with these challenges.

Martin Kuppinger


1 Introduction

The healthcare industry, as with many other industries, is facing change and pressure in the age of Digital Transformation and ever-increasing cyber attacks. While some of the challenges healthcare organizations face are the same as other industries, others are industry-specific, such as Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations in the United States.

In order to protect access to sensitive data and assets, Identity and Access Management (IAM) must become the cornerstone of IT infrastructure in healthcare organizations. Restricting and controlling access requires focused protection, down to the granular level of patient records. A comprehensive IAM solution that goes well-beyond pure single-sign on (SSO) meets this need by supporting all types of users and devices and enabling seamless, yet secure, access to all types of applications and data.

In addition, healthcare organizations need identity management solutions that integrate with major healthcare applications and support the healthcare industry’s specific SSO challenges. For example, doctors and nurses who use shared terminals require quick access when switching accounts.

There is no doubt that IAM is essential for healthcare organizations – and when executed properly, successfully mitigates security and compliance risks, supports efficiency in daily work, and enables Digital Transformation across the organization.

Identity Automation is a provider of both on-premises and cloud-based IAM solutions (Identity as a Service), with a specific focus on the healthcare industry. Identity Automation delivers a comprehensive IAM solution for healthcare that spans all core IAM capabilities, including Identity Provisioning, Access Governance, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Single Sign-On. Identity Automation also delivers tight integration into major healthcare industry solutions, such as Epic, Cerner, and Meditech.

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