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All organizations today are under constant attack, and high-privilege accounts are a primary target, allowing attackers to cause maximum damage by data theft and other attacks, due to their elevated privileges. While the number of external attacks continues to increase, internal attacks remain at a high level – perimeter security in itself does not protect sufficiently anymore. Privilege Management in all its variants is a must for any organization.

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1 Introduction

Privileged Account Management is a must for any organization today. Internal attackers abusing their entitlements and external attackers hijacking internal accounts with elevated privileges put every organization at risk. The challenges range from the theft and leakage of sensitive information and intellectual property to attacks which put parts of the IT infrastructure out of order. With smart manufacturing and with the ever-increasing shift towards everything and everyone becoming connected, the number of attack targets, attack surfaces, and attackers will continue to grow.

Privilege Account Management is far more than just managing a few administrators and some shared accounts within a particular system environment, such as Linux or Windows servers. It is about all systems and a variety of account types on these systems. Privilege Management starts at the endpoint and reaches to servers, applications, and network devices. Thus, it requires not only functionally comprehensive solutions, but approaches that work for all types of organizations and an ever-growing number of users.

Setting up Privilege Account Management nowadays is a

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