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This KuppingerCole Market Compass provides an overview of the products or service offerings in a certain market segment. This Market Compass covers Secure Collaboration solutions, focusing on enabling data-centric security to facilitate virtual collaboration. This is an overview of vendors that are active and innovating in this space.

1 Management Summary

The KuppingerCole Market Compass provides an overview of a market segment and the vendors in that segment. It covers the trends that are influencing that market segment, how it is further divided, and the essential capabilities required of solutions. It also provides ratings of how well these solutions meet our expectations.

This Market Compass covers solutions that enable Secure Collaboration, operating from a data-centric philosophy that allows the movement of data objects and files between users – internal or external – while maintaining highly secure protections on that data. This is a shift from purely restrictive protection like DLP solutions, or protective additions like encryption. While such solutions remain relevant, they transition to being supportive tooling or components of the more flexible, interoperable, and therefore even more secure solutions in the Secure Collaboration market space.

The market is still heterogenous, with many vendors offering a variety of solutions to address similar use cases. The major use cases for enterprise information protection include data-centric security, internal and external collaboration, audit and analytics, compliance, and modernization of data management. A strong solution is one that protects enterprise data with flexible access control that follows the data wherever it travels, triggered by data discovery scans, data classification and/or manual action. Encryption is typically used to protect data objects and files at rest, in transit, and in use, with robust key management capabilities. While this covers the security aspects, Secure Collaboration solutions must enable virtual collaboration. Instead of a prohibitive protection style, Secure Collaboration solutions should facilitate easy sharing of data with the right people in the right context. There must be close integration with commonly used collaboration platforms and workplace tools to minimize friction. Interoperability with identity providers and identity standards can enable single sign-on (SSO), federation, and other smooth authentication options.

KuppingerCole is covering technologies that are critical for companies to be successful in their digital transformation journey. Readers of this Market Compass will learn about the trends and developments in this market segment, be introduced to and compare the major vendors in this segment, and prepare themselves to identify their own requirements for a Secure Collaboration solution. Readers should consider vendors based on the internal requirements of their own organization's use cases and use this report as a guide to shortlist vendors.

Key Findings:

  • Secure Collaboration vendors secure enterprise information for collaborative work within the enterprise and with partners, suppliers, customers, etc. while maintaining persistent protection.
  • Through acquisitions, many vendors in the traditional information protection space are adding capabilities that facilitate better collaboration.
  • Virtru is rated Outstanding in Innovation
  • Microsoft is rated Outstanding in Functionality
  • Exostar is rated Outstanding in Regulated Industry
  • Secude is rated Outstanding in Extending Microsoft Purview Information Protection (MPIP) Functionality
  • Micro Focus is rated Outstanding in Securing Structured and Unstructured Data
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