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The Information Protection Life Cycle and Framework: Deceive

The modern economy is driven by information. Digital Transformation is made possible by information. But most forms of information must be protected to create and maintain value. The Information Protection Life Cycle and Framework provides concepts to organize the discovery, protection, and disposition of information objects. This article is the seventh in the series introducing the Information Protection Life Cycle and Framework.

John Tolbert


1 Executive Summary

The Information Protection Life Cycle (IPLC) and Framework describes the phases, methods, and controls associated with the protection of information. The IPLC documents three stages in the life of information and multiple categories of controls which can be applied to secure information. The “main sequence” of information is Active Use Life. Deception technologies are designed to simulate real production networks and assets to lure would-be attackers away from valuable resources and to draw them into an environment where their Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) can be studied to mount more effective defenses.

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