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Top Ten Trends in Cybersecurity

This report outlines 10 important trends and technologies in cybersecurity that KuppingerCole believes will shape security policies and solutions choice for organisations in the years ahead.

Paul Fisher


1 Executive Summary

Many cybersecurity trend reports focus on the threat landscape and how the activities of attackers will evolve. This has an obvious impact on the solutions that vendors create and how organisations deploy them. The focus here is on those security technologies that will have most business and operational impact.

Organisations of all sizes are challenged by meeting customer expectations securely while more effectively against new market entrants. Much of this comes under the umbrella of Digital Transformation: some operations are moving to the cloud; data analytics are to the fore; data is being created by and shared with customers and partners. In addition, automation and M2M installations are increasing across the board, while IoT integrations are increasing in number and importance.

Software development teams are working at faster speeds in response to management demands for reducing time to market and rapid revisions to web applications.

Meanwhile, endpoints continue to multiply as mobile working continues to increase, and cloud adoption continues an upward curve.

As a result, IT security teams have seen an increase in pressure to evolve to meet these challenges from executives, and their jobs are sometimes changing in response.

The types of security solutions available are adapting to the new operating environments. While fundamentally continuing to perform core security functions they are being assisted by new technologies that are improving both time to value, ROI and the overall efficacy of the solutions.

Some hitherto niche solutions such as Privileged Access Management are also taking on a new importance in the changed operating environment.
This is reflected in a new cycle of innovation and interest from PAM vendors entering the market for the first time. While the new operating environments are challenging, at the same time we are in an exciting era as security vendors respond with new solutions.

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