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5 Steps to Consumer Identity and Access Management

Enterprises deploying Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions are realizing the benefits, which range from increased brand loyalty and sales to enhanced regulatory compliance.

John Tolbert


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If your organization maintains digital accounts in some fashion today for consumers, subscribers, students, B2B customers, or citizens, you may be able to provide better user experiences (UXs) and collect more useful data by deploying specialty CIAM solutions.

CIAM products and services generally allow for white labeling for seamless branding and consistent UX. Some allow for bulk provisioning and/or social network registration. Most offer some variety in authentication methods, including social logins and some 2FA or MFA options. Some solutions utilize risk-adaptive authentication, suitable for higher assurance applications, such as in finance and health care. Many have built-in identity and marketing analytics capabilities, to help you better Know Your Customer (KYC). CIAM can also facilitate compliance with regulations such as GDPR by offering fine-grained consent options for the use of consumer data.

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