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Cymmetri is a converged cloud-based IAM solution that facilitates verification, authentication, and authorization for employees, partners, contractors, and customers. The modern platform also makes the transition of legacy customers to the company’s cloud platform smoother and easier by helping businesses at various stages of their IAM journeys. The all-in-one identity platform includes SSO, Identity Governance, Passwordless sign-in, Lifecyle Management, MFA, PAM, and Data Access Governance capabilities for dealing with all types of digital identities.

1 Introduction

Digital transformation is commonly regarded as an implementation or an ongoing process that organizations go through to make better use of digital technologies in response to employee, customer, or citizen expectations. However, how to bring about a digital transformation in your own business and government organization is often less clear.

If digital transformation is a response to the changing business landscape, digital identity has become the foundation of the digital economy. Digital interaction is based on digital identities, not only of humans but of devices, things, services, bots, and more. Managing these identities and managing access is essential to the success of digital transformation.

Digital identities are administered by Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems, which are one of the core disciplines of IT enabling Digital Transformation. The aim of IAM systems is to ensure that only the right people have access to the right resources at the right time for the right reasons. Every organization, regardless of size or industry, needs an agile and modern IAM platform.

Access to digital services, whether as an employee, a customer, a citizen, or a partner's employee must therefore be as secure and seamless as possible. By implementing a modern IAM platform, millions of digital identities can be managed on a massive scale and with a high level of flexibility. Not only do modern IAM platforms improve IT efficiency, but they also improve business operations by increasing productivity and reducing the time, money, and resources spent on managing digital identities.

While modern IAM systems and strong cybersecurity practices might be necessary to ensure a successful digital transformation, many organizations still rely on legacy IAM systems. Legacy IAM systems were primarily designed for on-premise applications and built to serve the IAM needs of the workforce. However, modern IAM must take a broader focus.

Moving to a modern IAM is not just a simple project, it is a journey, in the context of the broader digital journey of the organization. This approach is unlikely to be provided by a single vendor's solution. Nevertheless, it is necessary to start with a wide perspective and take an integrated approach to IAM delivery, operations, and interoperability.

This report looks at Cymmetri Identity Platform, which is one of the modern IAM solutions in the market. Cymmetri aims to bridge new generation cloud thrust and facilitate the migration of legacy customers to their cloud-based platform by helping businesses at various stages of their IAM journeys.

The company’s platform helps businesses and organizations reduce risk and protect the identities of its employees, partners, contractors, and customers. The platform consists of various tool sets within the IAM ecosystem which allows Cymmetri to define and ensure that the identities and access rights that the platform holds are managed securely and efficiently.

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