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On October 24, 2017, Imprivata significantly enhanced their healthcare-focused enterprise SSO offering with Identity Provisioning and Access Governance capabilities acquired from Caradigm. With that offering they are broadening their portfolio while remaining focused on the healthcare market segment.

1 Introduction

Imprivata is a healthcare-focused IT security company headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, USA with an office in the UK. Founded in 2002, it has grown into one of the leading providers of authentication and access management solutions with a strong focus on the healthcare industry. Imprivata is a publicly held company with over 450 employees, a global network of 200 reseller partners and over 1,700 customers in healthcare industry with more than 5 million users worldwide.

KuppingerCole included Imprivata OneSign® in its Leadership Compass on Enterprise Single Sign-on, recognizing it as one of the overall leaders in this market segment. With the acquisition of Caradigm's IAM product line Imprivata has expanded into the Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) segment.

KuppingerCole classifies within IGA products that provide integrated Identity Provisioning and Access Governance capabilities. The expected capabilities of such products are: account mapping and identity data model; workflow capabilities; user self-service interfaces; access request management; access recertification and auditing, including analytics; and role management and separation-of-duties (SoD) support. To qualify for the IGA segment products should have these capabilities seamlessly integrated.

All modern organizations must support and secure a large number of enterprise applications, but for healthcare institutions the problem has some special challenges. Like finance and law-enforcement, healthcare deals with sensitive information and is highly regulated. Large healthcare organizations often have high clinical worker turnover and complex role structures. Perhaps unique to the sector is its dependence on diverse healthcare-specific cyber-physical systems. For example, a doctor or nurse may in the course of dealing with one medical episode need to access multiple standalone medical systems or consoles in different locations, each requiring some different authentication.

Imprivata provides B2E E-SSO and IGA capabilities with a tight focus on optimizing the efficiency of clinical workers in the healthcare industry. Most products are delivered as Windows-based appliances. The flagship Imprivata OneSign® SSO and other products are very well adapted to address the specific operational needs of healthcare organizations. They also address regulatory requirements of HIPAA and HITECH as well as US DEA standards for strong authentication for electronic prescription of controlled substances. Imprivata also supports customers in other highly regulated industries, like energy, government and finance. The addition of Caradigm IAM products strengthens Imprivata's ability to address increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and to help large organizations efficiently support a highly dynamic workforce.

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