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AlgoSec Security Management Suite is a highly automated and business-focused integrated solution for managing network security policies and business application connectivity across a wide range of devices in heterogeneous environments.

1 Introduction

AlgoSec is a privately held software development company headquartered in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, USA. Founded in 2004 with the initial focus strictly on firewall management solutions, the company has long outgrown this legacy market and now provides a comprehensive suite of products for network security policy management across a broad range of security devices, both on-premises and in the cloud. With offices all over the world, the company has a strong global market presence, serving over 1500 customers worldwide, including large enterprises, managed service providers and consultants.

With the increasing pace of business in the age of Digital Transformation, achieving greater agility and efficiency of business processes is becoming one of the key challenges for IT. Companies are under constant pressure to support new digital transformation initiatives, to expand to the cloud and mobile platforms and to open their network perimeters to numerous new communication channels. Instead of a single perimeter we now have thousands of them, and thousands of security products to deploy and operate across a distributed heterogeneous IT landscape.

Unfortunately, the resulting dramatic increase in complexity of heterogeneous IT infrastructures combined with the growing sophistication of cyberthreats has made security a real bottleneck to business. Enterprises are simply unable to address the modern threat landscape and often fall victim to ransomware attacks, security breaches or malicious insiders. A massive skills gap is often cited as the reason for it: companies are forced to constantly deploy new cybersecurity products, many of which are still largely rely on manual operations by teams of experts who are in increasingly short supply.

However, the bigger problem for IT security nowadays has more to do with the fact that just like all other aspects of IT in a modern organization, it must align with business requirements. Without the important business context, a security infrastructure quickly becomes disconnected from the corporate assets it’s designed to protect, and is overwhelmed by thousands of irrelevant security alerts and false positives. At the same time, a security tool that does not provide meaningful analysis for business people would probably not get much support at the boardroom level. Finally, without a set of business-relevant performance indicators, justifying a budget increase for a much-needed improvement of a security infrastructure becomes even more problematic.

AlgoSec addresses these challenges with an integrated solution for business-driven security policy management for your corporate network infrastructure. With its unique business-oriented approach, the solution not only provides unified visibility across on-premises, software-defined and cloud networks for a wide range of network devices and security products, but incorporates business applications and connectivity flows between them into the big picture as well.

With intelligent automation controls, the solution supports complete lifecycle management for network security policies – from discovering application connectivity requirements, assessing potential risks, performing changes, monitoring, optimizing and finally decommissioning legacy rules. An integrated set of modules provides full coverage from low-level firewall rule management to high-level business risk assessment and continuous compliance.

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