Wiesbaden, December 1st, 2022 – KuppingerCole Analysts predicts that the SAP Access Tool Management market segment will reach 636.8 million US dollars by 2025, counting the software revenue only. The market segment is characterized by a significant ratio of additional professional services. Contrary to other IAM market segments, the estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate seems linear rather than exponential, being 9.4% for SAP Access Tool Management. Answering the constant need of companies to secure data and enforce regulatory compliance for these critical applications, this market is expected to keep growing steadily. North America and EMEA cover 40.9% and 41.7% of the market respectively.

For many enterprises, SAP systems are an essential part of the backbone of their corporate IT infrastructure. Although many other systems contain critical information as well, most businesses still rely on the availability of well-designed and well-protected SAP Systems. Traditionally, SAP systems are a major focus area for internal and external auditors. For the successful implementation of adequate controls, all existing SAP systems need to be covered by an effective solution allowing them to manage risks, which includes managing access control and SoD controls and implementing adequate Access Governance. Overall security of SAP system significantly depends on the authorizations given to different users. Nowadays, this segment is not only relevant to ensure compliance, but also to allow keep data intact, business processes flowing, and minimize disruption to the operational business.

Graphic showing the evolution of the SAP Access Tool Management reaching 636.8 million USD

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