KuppingerCole research predicts that the Compound Annual Grow Rate (CAGR) of the Identity Government Administration (IGA) Market Segment will be 14.3%, lifting the market volume to 3.99 billion US dollars by 2025. The largest share of the global revenue in this market segment comes from North America, currently representing 55.1%. It is followed by EMEA with 23.2%. APAC and LATAM show lower adoption, but we expect to see a significant growth in these regions in the coming years.  

IGA is a core component of Identity Access Management infrastructure and refers to integrated solutions which combine Identity Lifecycle Management and Access Governance. IGA helps cutting costs, increase security, improve compliance, and give users access to the IT resources they need.

An important part of Access Governance is ensuring that as roles and responsibilities change, or when individuals leave an organization, their access rights are increased or revoked accordingly. Access Governance, therefore, is typically part of the standard joiner, mover, leaver processes. Access Governance also covers the key processes of access requests and approvals, access reviews, roles and entitlements, and access intelligence. IGA has become increasingly important with the introduction of a growing number of data protection regulations that require organizations to keep a strict control on who has access to personally identifiable information.

KuppingerCole Analysts calculates the market volume size by solely taking into consideration software licenses fees, maintenance fees, and subscription fees. Those elements are the most prominent indicators of a market’s evolution. Professional services revenues are not considered. KuppingerCole provides information about the size of the professional services market as well as many other details such as geographical splits and splits per size of the customer organizations in a full analysis.

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