Wiesbaden, February 15, 2023 – International cybersecurity analyst firm KuppingerCole Analyst launches KC Open Select, an innovative shortlisting tool helping users make more informed decisions on their cybersecurity-related purchases.

The tool offers a smooth experience where users are first invited to fill-in their needs and criteria, and are then given a custom fitted shortlist of tools best-fitting their needs. It allows for the user to get accurate information quickly, while shortening the information gathering time. The shortlist can be easily shared across teams.

“The cybersecurity market is very dynamic and new solutions are launched regularly, making it challenging for users to make well informed decisions when purchasing new solutions” says Berthold Kerl, CEO of KuppingerCole Analyst. “With KC Open Select, we are striving to help cybersecurity and IT teams make better decisions more quickly”.

The first topic treated by KC Open Select is Passwordless Authentication, and the tool will regularly offer shortlisting options for other tools.

KC Open Select can be tried here.

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