Wiesbaden, September 15, 2021 – The winners of the prestigious 2021 European Identity and Cloud Awards have been announced at the 14th European Identity and Cloud Conference hosted by global analyst firm KuppingerCole.

KuppingerCole has been awarding outstanding projects in the digital identity and cybersecurity industries for 13 years. The winners are carefully chosen by a panel of KuppingerCole analysts from the most outstanding applications and solutions in the areas of IAM, CIAM, IoT, GRC, and IT Security.

"Deciding which were the best projects in the seven categories was particularly difficult this year because there were so many intriguing projects to choose from,” said Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, after the award ceremony.

Europa-Park was the first to take home one of the awards. It was honored in the category Customer Identity and Access Management for managing to provide unified identities and access management for a multitude of interconnected experiences in a very short time of about just under 4 months.

Siemens took home the award in the category IAM at Scale for rolling out and managing one of the world’s largest Azure AD environments, resulting in massively shortened response times of IT delivering better services to the users.

The award in the category Identity Fabrics and Enterprise IAM went to Danfoss, who undertook a “Big Bang” approach to replacing an existing Identity Management Suite by going beyond the workforce to contractors and service accounts, with broad capabilities and room to scale.

The category Enabling Access & Collaboration Along the Value Chain saw Swisscom take home the award for setting up an Identity Broker federation project that brings a Single Sign-On experience to customers, employees, and partners, as well as centralized multi-factor authentication, and roles allocation among other positive impacts.

Skyscanner won the award in the category of Customer Authentication for implementing a strong yet adaptive and frictionless multi-factor authentication solution for millions of users from all around the world, seamlessly supporting a broad range of authentication options and protecting its customers and own infrastructure from cyberattacks.

The award in the category Verifiable Credentials & Decentralized Identity went to the City of Helsinki for setting up a distributed privacy platform, which digitalizes permissions needed for trust and convenience regarding personal data management in which end users can manage all their permissions with an intuitive user interface.

Swedbank won the award in the category IAM Processes & Role Management for designing an end-to-end Joiner Mover Leaver approach, and consistently implementing processes and roles with mainly internal resources.

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