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Deep Instinct applies deep learning to cybersecurity, offering unmatched zero-day attack protection. The company is redefining the direction of cybersecurity by deploying an artificial neural network brain through deep learning technology that identifies and prevents attacks in less than 20 milliseconds, allowing it to be the Pfizer of the cybersecurity world, unlike other existing solutions that are only activated after contamination. The company’s confidence is reflected by providing both the industry’s first false positive warranty and the industry’s largest ransomware warranty, backed by Munich Re Group. The company offers cyber insurance of up to $3 million if infected with ransomware (contrast to the $1M offered by other companies) and $1 million if performance was impacted. 

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Nov 09 ‑ Nov 11, 2021 Hybrid Event

Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2021

The Cybersecurity Leadership Summit brings together top security leaders to discuss latest trends and developments in the cyber space. CSLS goes beyond IT troubleshooting and primarily focusses on the managerial aspects of cybersecurity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has unequivocally accelerated the transition towards a new paradigm. As organizations acclimatize to a remote workforce and changing customer expectations, security leaders must navigate through a plethora of security challenges.