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The Siemplify Security Operations Platform combines security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) with comprehensive case and SOC management, making analysts more efficient and engineers and the security stack they manage more effective. The cloud-native platform also makes it easier for managers to track, manage and measure their SOC performance. Unlike other SOAR products that focus heavily on technical orchestration and automation capabilities, leaving major investigation tasks for the analyst to perform manually, Siemplify embeds security know-how into the platform, relieving the heavy load and expectation placed on the analyst to be an expert in all things security.

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Mar 25, 2021 Virtual Event

SOARing Towards an Enhanced SecOps Strategy

Join the KCLive Event "SOARing Towards an Enhanced SecOps Strategy" on March 25, 2021 to implement a robust endpoint security strategy in your organization.


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Oct 22, 2020

Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR)

This report provides an overview of the SOAR market and provides you with a compass to help you to find the solution that best meets your needs. We examine the SOAR market segment,…



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Mar 26, 2021

Panel: Best Practices to Get Started on Your SOAR Journey

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PAM Is Changing and You Need to Know Why

PAM Is Changing and You Need to Know Why
Paul Fisher

What is left to say about PAM that has not already been said? Well in my opinion, quite a lot – as I hope you find out when you join me at the forthcoming KCLive Event, Operationalizing Privileged Access Management. I talk to PAM vendors all the time and I believe it is a truly exciting space to be covering and some of the innovations that vendors of all sizes are bringing to the table promise real progress in how we manage privilege access in the workplace – and, as you will [...]

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