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AI Ethics Lab brings together researchers and practitioners from various disciplines to detect and solve issues related to ethical design in AI. Through collaboration between computer scientists, practicing lawyers and legal scholars, and philosophers, the Lab offers a comprehensive approach to the ethical design of AI-related technology. Our goal is to enhance technology development by integrating ethics from the earliest stages of design and development for the mutual benefit of industry and communities. Our work aims to provide ethics guidance to researchers, developers, and legislators.

Based in Boston (USA) and Istanbul (Turkey).

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Nov 27 ‑ Nov 28, 2019 Conference

AImpact Summit 2019

AImpact Summit held on November 27 – 28, 2019 in Munich, offers the unique opportunity to get a deep insight on the hottest topics of Artificial Intelligence, network with like-minded people, connect with peers who recognize that now is the time for AI, meet the people changing the perspectives and transforming the way we do business today. As AI increasingly permeates every aspect of our life, knowing how to apply the cutting-edge technology to one’s competitive advantage or how to avoid risks and threats become vastly important.