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iT-securiTy has established itself as a leading trade magazine for security in information technology in Switzerland. Readers are professionals for security in finance and insurance sector, in public offices, in trade- and service-companies. iT-securiTy is also widely recognised among producers, distributors, resellers and consultants in the field of information security technologies.

iT-securiTy reaches a clearly defined market. Security professionals in Switzerland receive  important informations, which are usable for their daily work. Topics about compliance, phishing, pharming, spam, virus, management systems, business continuity planning, rules and laws, ids/ips/utm, hacking, e-business and security maintaining and promoting are part of the magazine.

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Informatica is Moving Data Management to the Cloud

Informatica is Moving Data Management to the Cloud
Martin Kuppinger

Introducing Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) as a Comprehensive, Cloud-Native, and Cloud-First Approach to Data Management Data is the new gold, the new oil, or whatever. In the cloud, you only own the data, but not the applications, systems, or networks anymore. Data is essential for Digital Transformation. There is so much data that is sprawling that it is hard to keep control of it. And, within the SaaS and PaaS tenants, data is what belongs to the tenant. Many organizations fail in [...]

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