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May 17, 2015
Olga Kulikova - Dynamic Control Selection Framework for Onboarding Cloud Solutions

This talk proposes a data-driven selection of organisational, technical, contractual and assurance requirements, so secure usage of cloud solutions within the enterprise can be guaranteed. The importance of data oriented control selection is outlined and key control domains are introduced.

Event Recording
May 14, 2015
John Hermans - "Guiding" the Management and Supervisory Boards to Choose the Right Investment Priorities for Cyber Risk Mitigation

Cyber security has been under the spotlight for the past few years. Due to the number and seriousness of cyber incidents, the media’s focus on such incidents and the importance of tackling cyber issues in the extensive digitization of most organisations, this area requires the attention of C-level executives and supervisory boards. John discusses in his talk some lessons learned on how to engage C-level executives and board members to take well-informed, business risk driven decisions on handling the cyber risk.