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Mar 22, 2024
IAM Meets Data Management: A Recipe for Peak Performance

Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole Analysts, will look at the role data plays in IAM decision making, both for traditional environments and modern, policy-based authorization. He will also look at the interplay between IAM and data governance as well as data security.

Måns Håkansson, Solutions Architect at IndyKite will share insights into a live case study, showcasing how a forward-thinking organization managed data access to pave the way for a robust after-market services ecosystem. He will also provide an overview of IndyKite’s Identity Data Platform.

Join this webinar to:

  • Understand the critical link between IAM and data management for optimal organizational performance.
  • Identify common data management challenges and learn strategies to overcome them.
  • Explore the significance of security and compliance in unlocking the true potential of data.
  • Discover the role that data plays in IAM decision making.
  • Gain practical insights from a real-world case study on managing data access for a thriving after-market services ecosystem.
Webinar Recording
Nov 08, 2023
A Foundational Data Layer: The Key to Value in Identity

Join identity experts at KuppingerCole Analysts and IndyKite as they discuss how to get more value out of identity data and address more use cases by thinking about the foundational data layer. They will also look at how to solve challenges such as availability of identity data and compliance risk.

Mike Neuenschwander, VP US, and Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole, will provide his perspective on this important market, and will be joined by Johannes Kolberg, Head of Product at IndyKite to further explore this critical topic, including why thinking about identity data management is core to future proofing your organization and tapping into the AI innovations.

Webinar Recording
Oct 26, 2022
Advanced Authorization in a Web 3.0 World

Business and just about every other kind of interaction is moving online, with billions of people, connected devices, machines, and bots sharing data via the internet. Consequently, managing who and what has access to what in what context, is extremely challenging. Business success depends on finding a solution.