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Oct 07, 2022
A DevSecOps Maturity Model for Secrets Management

Recent high-profile software supply chain attacks have highlighted the importance of security in the DevOps environment. But this can be challenging because DevOps teams are at the forefront of digital transformation and use agile techniques to deliver applications quickly, often not following traditional paths of identity management. Join experts from KuppingerCole Analysts and GitGuardian as they discuss security vulnerabilities in DevOps environments, which are often due to a lack of visibility and control of widely distributed secrets such as API keys, database passwords, cloud access keys, certificates, SSH keys, and service account passwords, leaving millions of credentials exposed.

Paul Fisher, Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole will discuss the challenges and importance of managing secrets in DevOps environments, which increasingly include the use of multi-cloud, workload containerization, and infrastructure-as-code. He will also explain how the business advantages and security of DevOps can be improved. Mackenzie Jackson, Developer Advocate at GitGuardian will explain the issues of secrets sprawl and poor secrets hygiene. He will also discuss in detail a secrets management maturity model developed by GitGuardian, highlight the benefits of automated secrets detection and remediation, and describe how these can be used to infuse security into development workflows.