CISO, Careem

Dr. Srijith Nair

Dr. Srijith Nair is an accomplished cyber and information security leader whose career has spanned industry verticals, geographies and organisational sizes. With over 20 years of expertise, he has consistently driven innovation, spearheaded transformative initiatives and fortified organisations against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. His notable achievements and impactful contributions have quickly elevated him to leadership roles, generating value for stakeholders while fostering a culture that prioritises security in the service of the business.

Currently, at Careem, the MENAP region's first "Everything App", Srijith serves as its Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), leading a multidisciplinary team that keeps Careem secure and ensures trust between Careem's Customers, Captains, Colleagues, merchants and partners. In this position, Srijith is accountable for formulating and executing a holistic cybersecurity strategy, overseeing critical areas such as the information security program, technology and risk platform, data protection and privacy initiatives while providing astute leadership and effective security governance for Careem's diverse business verticals.

Recognised as a thought leader and industry expert, Srijith is a sought-after keynote speaker at prominent industry conferences and tech summits. He holds several international patents, contributes to security industry standards and has authored numerous widely-cited journal articles and conference papers, showcasing his depth of knowledge and contributions to the field.

Srijith has a PhD in Computer Science from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, where he conducted pioneering research on information flow control, policy enforcement, applied cryptography, and system security. Srijith's dedication to academia and research, coupled with his extensive experience in the industry, positions him uniquely to bridge the gap between theory and practice. By integrating cutting-edge research with real-world applications, Srijith has established himself as a trusted advisor, influential thought leader, and champion for the industry.