Sometimes when you sit together in meetings during brainstorming and discussions the funniest ideas come up. This is what happened during a meeting of our KuppingerCole team in May. We discussed new ways to attract customers for the KuppingerCole research area and the events on our website. The result was the KuppingerCole „Red Letter Day“. One special day during the year for our customers, followers and interested persons when all research documents can be downloaded free of charge for 24 hours. Additionally the visitors have the opportunity to win a ticket to the next European Identity & Cloud (EIC) Conference.

After several months of preparation we decided to choose October 15, 2015 as the KC Red Letter Day. We sent out marketing mailings and posts on our social media channels to promote this special day.

Quicker than we could think about it, the day, the KC Red Letter Day, arrived. First everything seemed to be like any other day but when we checked the download numbers of the research documents on our website we could not believe our eyes: it was 10:30am and more than 1,300 documents had already been downloaded!

Once the 24 hours were over the number of downloads from our website reached 3,666. Beside the number of new customers that registered on our website it was very interesting to look at the themes of the top 10 documents that had been downloaded.

Out of 423 different research notes which were downloaded at least once the following documents were the top 10 downloads of the Red Letter Day:

  1. Leadership Compass: API Security Management - 70958
  2. Advisory Note: Identity Information Quality - 70996
  3. Leadership Compass: IAM/IAG Suites - 71105
  4. Executive View: ForgeRock OpenAM – 71405
  5. Advisory Note: Eight Fundamentals for Digital Risk Mitigation in the Age of Transformation - 71302
  6. Leadership Brief: How to Justify your IAM Investments – 71410
  7. Advisory Note: Top Cyber Threats – 71032
  8. Leadership Compass: Secure Information Sharing – 72014
  9. Executive View: VMware Identity Manager - 71454
  10. Advisory Note: Information Security Predictions and Recommendations 2015 and beyond – 71045

By the way, the actual all-time favorite of our research documents is the Advisory Note Life Management Platforms: Control and Privacy for Personal Data – 70608.

248 different Videos/Podcasts had been watched at least once during the Red Letter Day. The Common Symptoms of IAM & IAG Diseases, Dynamic Attribute-Based Authorization, Connected Identity, Authorization Management and Cybersecurity were the top 10 video themes of this Day.

For all those who missed the Red Letter Day there are still good news: it was not the only chance to get free access to the KuppingerCole research. Take a look at our free blog posts, podcasts, monthly analyst’s view newsletter and webinars as well as selected free research documents and surveys to get the latest information and advisory. Furthermore you have the opportunity to register for KuppingerCole Select Access, which provides you with free 30-day access to a great selection of KuppingerCole research materials and to live training sessions.

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