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Human Factor in Cybersecurity: The Weakest Link?

The Human Factor Cybercriminals often exploit our human vulnerabilities and psychological elements to steal credentials and gain unauthorized access. Since phishing and social engineering attacks are primarily targeted at people, the human factor continues to be an important element CISOs need to consider in order to protect their organizations from cyber-attacks. Most data breaches are caused by human error, negligence, or lack of awareness, for example, by simply clicking the wrong link. So, it is common for employees to increase their digital footprint without being aware of the...


Will Users and Organizations Have Trust in Keys Roaming via the Cloud?

The need for authentication standards In the cybersecurity industry, many new technologies–particularly those related to identity management and authentication–are constantly driving change and innovation. Yet one thing remains the same: the use of passwords continues to pose a threat to an organization’s IT security. As long as passwords continue to be used, users and organizations will remain vulnerable to attacks. Fortunately, due to the development of new solutions and authentication standards, replacing passwords as the dominant form of authentication on the...


Public-Private Cooperation in Cyberspace

Managing business in today's geopolitical context In the face of a geopolitical crisis, concerns are growing about the threat of cyber-attacks to global supply chains and private organizations, which are already in a precarious state due to the Covid-19 pandemic. When a crisis occurs, business continuity and corporate resilience are essential. Both require a company-wide response. In this context, geopolitical risk assessments are integral to a secure IT environment. With the advent of cyberspace, state and non-state actors have been willing to challenge the political and economic...

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