Next week, EIC 2012 (European Identity and Cloud Conference) will take place in Munich. The conference will again grow significantly, and we will have a mass of interesting sessions there, ranging from keynote sessions to panels, best practices, and several workshops and roundtables. You definitely shouldn’t miss that conference.

I want to give a sneak peek at what I will talk about this year. The Opening Keynote on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 will be about trends in IAM, GRC, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Security. I also will provide a quick view of the KuppingerCole IT Paradigm, which is one of the central themes provided by KuppingerCole at EIC 2012. We have defined that paradigm and the underlying model based on our experiences in research and advisory services to provide a consistent guideline for refining IT and to really become ready for the age of Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, and Social Computing. This model is about how to provide the services business really wants while securing corporate information adequately. I think it helps a lot in adapting IT organizations to the changing requirements of business.

A little later, I will be part of an interview-style keynote session, which is about the privacy and information security challenges we are facing in 2012 and beyond. This definitely will become an interesting discussion, with Roy Adar of Cyber-Ark, Shirief Nosseir of CA Technologies, and Jim Taylor of NetIQ participating and Dr. Nigel Cameron of the Center for Policy and Emerging Technologies (C-PET) moderating the session.

The following day, I’ll start with a session that explains how the KuppingerCole IT Paradigm helps in increasing the value IT provides to the business. Following that presentation, we will have a panel discussion about how IAM can catalyze the secure enterprise. This panel will definitely become a highlight of EIC 2012, with some Ex-Burton analysts participating: Craig Burton, Gerry Gebel, and Mike Neuenschwander.

After that session, I’ll use the KuppingerCole IT Paradigm to describe what the future IT Organizations should look like – an IT Organization which is much closer to the business and which helps in dealing with changes such as Cloud Computing. There will be a new report describing this topic coming out right before EIC (and there are also new and updated reports on the KuppingerCole IT paradigm available).

Another very valuable report will be the one on “Personal Data – Life Management Platforms”. There will be a roundtable on that topic moderated by Doc Searls, of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, and myself.

Another session will be about “One IT, One IAM” – this is a session going beyond IAM and linking Cloud, IAM, and the way we structure IT. This is about how to end up with one IT that serves all your needs instead of separate solutions for different types of Clouds and your on-premise IT.

Also pretty interesting is the “Re-engineering IAM” session. I have just written two reports, an update on my view of Access Governance Architectures and another one looking at whether, when, how, and where to migrate existing legacy Provisioning systems you might have.

In a joint session with Craig Burton we will link the KuppingerCole IT Model and the API Economy, a paradigm focusing on the increasing number of available APIs and their use.

Besides these sessions, I’m also involved in some others around virtualization and the security of Big Data. And there will be some other new reports out for EIC, written by several of the KuppingerCole analysts like Craig Burton, Fulup ar Foll, Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus, Mike Small, Dave Kearns, and me.

So there’ll be a lot of interesting topics at EIC 2012. There will be for sure many more sessions on other topics and there will be virtually all relevant players in the exhibition area. So don’t miss EIC 2012.

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