Informatica, a leader in data management solutions, introduced a new solution to the market today. The product named Secure@Source also marks a move of Informatica into the Data (and, in consequence, Database) Security market. Informatica already has solutions for data masking in place, which is one of the elements in data security. However, data masking is only a small step and it requires awareness of the data that needs protection.

In contrast to traditional approaches to data security – Informatica talks about “data-centric security” – Informatica does not focus on technical approaches alone e.g. for encrypting databases or analyzing queries. As the name of their approach implies, they are focusing on protection of the data itself.

The new solution builds on two pillars. One is Data Security Intelligence, which is about discovery, classification, proliferation analysis, and risk assessment for data held in a variety of data sources (and not only in a particular database). The other is Data Security Controls, which as of now includes persistent and dynamic masking of data plus validation and auditing capabilities.

The target is reducing the risk of leakage, attacks, and other data-related incidents for structured data held in databases and big data stores. The approach is understanding where the data resides and applying adequate controls, particularly masking of sensitive data. This is all based on policies and includes e.g. alerting capabilities. It also can integrate data security events from other sources and work together with external classification engines.

These interfaces will also allow third parties to attach tokenization and encryption capabilities, along with other features. It will also support advanced correlation, for instance by integrating with an IAM solution, and thus adding user context, or by integrating with DLP solutions to secure the endpoint.

Informatica’s entry into the Information Security market is, in our view, a logical consequence of where the company is already positioned. While it provides deep insight into where sensitive data resides - in other words its source - and a number of integrations, we’d like to see a growing number of out-of-the-box integrations, for instance, with security analytics, IAM, or encryption solutions. While there are integration points for partners, relying too much on partners for all these various areas might make the solution quite complex for customers. While this makes sense for IAM, security analytics such as SIEM or RTSI (Real-time Security Intelligence) and other areas such as encryption might become integral parts of future releases of Informatica Secure@Source.

Anyway, Informatica is taking the right path for Information Security by focusing on security at the data level instead of focusing on devices, networks, etc. – the best protection is always at the source.