It’s a new year, and there are some new changes coming to KuppingerCole, especially in the material that will come into your inbox.

First, some background. After the past year or so we’ve been growing by leaps and bounds with new offices in Europe and the Asia-Pacific area as well as new analysts all over the map. With that has come an increase in the amount of email we’ve sent out, so now it’s time to get a better handle on that.  From now on, you’ll receive, aside from webinar and event invitations, two emails a month: our standard newsletter and a new format which will have up to 3 articles related to our research. For this new publication, you can look forward to major discussions on the topics that we’ve identified as being the “hot topics” for the coming months, such as:

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) – Software Defined Computing Infrastructures (SDCI);
  • Integrated Real-time Network Security Analytics;
  • Cloud IAM (Identity and Access Management) – both on its own and as part of an all-encompassing security structure;
  • Digital, Smart Manufacturing & Smart Infrastructure: ICS & SCADA;
  • The API Economy and how it affects security and access;
  • IoEE (Internet of Everything and Everyone) including Life Management Platforms;
  • BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity) and Biometric Authentication;
  • Big Data and other threats to privacy;
  • Cloud Service Provider Selection and Assurance; and
  • Ubiquitous Encryption as part of information stewardship.
Of course many other topics – some now unforeseen - will also have their day in the sun.

I’ll still regularly pop up in these publications, just not so often. My thought on some of these topics will still be available on the KuppingerCole blog site, as well as my personal site and my Twitter feed.

While I’ve ranged far and wide in this newsletter over the past two years, the major points of emphasis have revolved around authentication, authorization and access control. These are subjects near and dear to my heart and will continue to be at the forefront of what I write about. And speak about also.

We’ve already started filling in the agenda for the upcoming European Identity & Cloud Conference, coming in May in Munich. So far, I’ll be contributing to “Authentication Trends” and “Supporting Social Login: Risks and Challenges” but you can be sure I’ll add more access control sessions, if I can.

There’s also an exciting new project coming up that Martin Kuppinger and I will be undertaking, but it would be premature to go into details right now. Still, I can say that it will be in the general area of Identity and Access Management (IAM). Note how “access” shows up there, also.

For those of you in Eastern Europe, or close by, let me remind you that KuppingerCole’s Identity, Cloud Risk & Information Security Summit is coming to Moscow in April. This conference will revolve around five topics in a round-table style where you can be part of the dialog. Topics will be:

  • Extended Enterprise - the new Scope of Information Security. How to Deal with the Challenges of the Computing Troika - Cloud, Mobile and Social Computing
  • How Mature is Your Cloud? Defining your own Benchmark on Cloud Maturity, Measuring and Enforcing it.
  • Identity Information Quality - Foundation for reliable Access Control. How to Handle this in the Decade of the Identity Explosion, with Social Logins, BYOI (Bring Your Own Identity) etc.?
  • From Preventive to Pro-Active: Big Data for Network Security Analytics in Realtime.
  • Assessing your Information Security Infrastructure and Understanding your Biggest Risks
It’s a great way to interact with your peers in a discussion moderated by a practitioner & analyst team.

So watch for more information on these and other topics in your inbox, but organized into fewer emails so as not to intrude on your time quite so much. Enjoy!