Digital leaders face new challenges: a volatile political situation, an uncertain economic climate, and a new paradigm in the way their employees work. Raj explains how we identified the core qualities cyber leaders need in our times and how the Cybersecurity Leadership Summit was designed to give digital leaders the tools they need to take up those challenges.

The Three Core Qualities of a Cyber Leader in Our Day and Age

At the Cybersecurity Leadership Summit, we help you develop the core qualities of a digital leader. What are they?

  • Leadership: learn how to lead and manage your team members, and how to be a thought leader in uncertains times.
  • Resilience: in an era characterized by volatile situations, being protected isn’t enough. That’s why resilience is indispensable for all cyber leaders.
  • Technical: Being a good leader isn’t just about managing teams and risk. It’s also about understanding the technical underlying of all situations to be able to meet the best decisions.